During 2003-2004, the Friends donated $18,987.25 to the library for materials, collections, and equipment. During the Friends’ first decade from 1989 through 1999, the Library received over $100,000 from us.

Since then, the Friends have gone on to donate tens of thousands of dollars to the library!

Our most unique donation is a beautiful collage that world renowned painter, printmaker, and collage artist Jonathan Tablot was commissioned to do by the Friends. It was the largest collage he created at the time.

The 6 1/2′ by 9′ work celebrates the Centennial of the Middletown Thrall Library in 2001. This magnificent artwork hangs at the top of the stairs inside the library and depicts a history of Thrall Library in a unique way.

A key to the artwork hangs to the left of the collage. Please make sure to view the artwork on your next trip to the library. For pictures and story about the artist and installing the collage, visit his website at http://www.talbot1.com/thrall

For a representative list of items we have helped to fund or purchase for Middletown Thrall Library, please follow this link.


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